Ham House

Ham House Courtyard

Master Miniaturists reveal their latest piece, the jewel-like Ham House

The original Ham House stood at the heart of fashionable Stuart court life and was filled with the most luxurious and sophisticated items taste, craftsmanship and money could create.

Taking the notion of a jewel box as their inspiration Mulvany & Rogers have created a miniature that glitters with beautiful decorative schemes and objects. Gilded barley-sugar columns, floors inlaid with exotic woods create settings for tiny silver fire-irons and hand-painted miniature miniatures, no bigger than a child’s fingernail.

Like a jewel-box with secret compartments, M&Rs’ miniature opens to reveal room layered upon intricately worked room. Secret viewing holes reveal unexpected views down grand enfilades and backstairs passages. The real Ham is now a faded version of its former splendour but M&R whisk us down a time tunnel and we are presented with a Ham in all its original ‘bling’ magnificence.

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