Processes & methods

We begin by researching from old plans and books and make site visits to photograph, measure and sketch. 

Site Visit

After scaling down the original we make our own technical drawings.

Scale Drawing

The structure of the piece is then built in wood.  Details such as columns and chimneypieces are added separately and are carved and modelled in lime wood, plaster and resins. Floors are made from various woods with some ornate parquet floors containing over 5,000 individually laid pieces. We re-create marble, stone and brick using specialist paint techniques. We prefer this approach as the real materials can appear out of scale, particularly wood grain or veining in marble. However these trompe l’oeil effects, along with other traditional techniques such as marquetry, gilding and French polishing, are executed exactly as they are in full-scale work.

Making a Curved Staircase

As our pieces are handmade they do take time to create. Depending on the size of the building or interior this can be anything from a month to several years. 

Some clients like us to arrange furnishing and lighting too. We assemble a hand-picked team of highly skilled miniaturists who specialise in these fields. Some are very successful miniaturists in their own right and others are talented individuals drawn from non-miniatures related fields. We have on occasion also persuaded older Masters to come out of retirement.